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A New Beginning for Agarvin

When Agarvin was young, his father passed away from a mysterious illness. This meant his mother, who was previously a stay-at-home mom, had to find a job to support the family.

With his mother now at work all day, Agarvin neglected his schoolwork, avoided baths, dressed in a disorganized way, and picked fights with other children. No one wanted to be his friend because he was known to be unkind.

Thankfully, Children’s Bible Club leader Mandana lived in Agarvin’s village. She knew almost all the children and was familiar with Agarvin’s reputation when she invited him to join the Bible Club. Agarvin was uninterested at first, but then Mandana told him about all the fun games he could play at the Bible Club. Agarvin decided to give it a chance.

At first, he brought in all his same old problems. He was a bully, and he caused trouble with the other children. But Mandana kept a firm yet loving eye on Agarvin. Over time, his heart softened as he learned stories about Jesus from the Bible. Agarvin started responding to Mandana’s consistent, compassionate authority with obedience.

It wasn’t long before Agarvin saw his bad behavior for what it was: sin. He confessed his sin and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! Agarvin now loves singing praise songs and reading his Bible, and he grows deeper in his relationship with the Lord every day.

Agarvin is kind, organized, and a devoted student! Plus, thanks to a health training he attended through the Bible Club, Agarvin learned the importance of good hygiene. He now bathes regularly and dresses in clean clothes. Agarvin also helps his mother with chores around the house while she’s at work. She is grateful for the change in her son, and she knows it’s all thanks to God. He used a Children’s Bible Club to change Agarvin forever!