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Sahana’s Faith Takes Roots

The people of Sahana’s community follow a variety of faiths. Her parents follow Jesus; however, they are young in their faith, and because they are illiterate, they cannot read the Bible.

Sahana and her brother are both studying in school. Because of her gentleness as a young child, Sahana’s parents thought she would be obedient and easy to raise, but this was not the case. Sahana was stubborn and quickly angered, often throwing tantrums.

Unfortunately, Sahana’s parents’ faith was not deeply rooted, and they did not teach their children good Christian values and principles. Also, Sahana seemed to pick the wrong friends to spend time with. Not only did they behave poorly, but they worshipped gods and idols and participated in rituals that were not Christ-centered.

Much to her parents’ surprise, Sahana began talking about the gods and rituals her friends followed, questioning if they were better than the God of the Bible. This really alarmed Sahana’s parents, and they were unsure of what to do.

Fortunately, a new 10-Day Children’s Bible Club started in their village, and Sahana decided to join. The Bible Club was extremely helpful in teaching Sahana Scripture and inspiring Bible stories that gave her a better understanding of who Jesus is. She loved singing the songs and memorizing Bible verses.

When the 10-day club ended, the club leader invited Sahana to join a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, and she did. There, she learned why it’s important to worship only Jesus as Lord and Savior. Sahana continued to learn songs and Bible verses and enjoyed participating in sports, too.

Sahana made new friends who were a good influence on her, and the assistance she received with her studies improved her academic performance in school. Slowly, Sahana’s character changed, and she became more loving, caring, and obedient! She is happier and more responsible, often helping her mother at home. Now Sahana understands that Jesus is the only true God because only Jesus can forgive her sins. Her parents are so grateful for the Bible Club and for the leader’s positive influence on their daughter. Please pray that many more children will come to know Jesus through this Bible Club.