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Why Share the Gospel with India’s Children?

Have you ever thought about why it’s valuable to reach children in India with the Good News of Jesus? It can be easy to assume that doing ministry among adults will lead to more widespread change and easier opportunities to establish Christian communities. After all, India’s men and women hold positions of influence as village leaders, parents, and workers.

While it’s critical to share the Gospel with these adults in India, we’re missing an incredible opportunity if we solely focus on them and overlook the impact children can have.

Jesus Himself showed us that children are worth paying attention to! He said to “let the little children come to me” and even declared that “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14). Those are powerful statements!

We’ve seen firsthand what can happen when we follow Jesus’ instructions to let children come to Him. Boys and girls in India are incredibly receptive to the Gospel, and when they come to understand Jesus’ love for them, it doesn’t just change them—it changes their families and communities, too.

It’s hardly a surprise that India’s kids are excited to hear about Jesus, considering what many of their childhoods are like. It’s not easy to grow up in a slum, be raised by alcoholic parents, or face abuse at home. Yet many of the children we meet in India are facing these situations or worse. The hope and joy of Christ is the best thing they’ve ever heard, and they’re eager to place their faith in Him. It doesn’t mean their lives are “fixed,” but it does mean they have a Savior to walk with them through their trials, and that makes all the difference.

And in many cases, their life circumstances do change after they follow Christ! As children come to understand the power of Jesus and His ability to answer prayers, they boldly share the Gospel with their friends and family and pray that Jesus will intervene in their greatest challenges. God works miracles through the prayers of these children, and people notice.

Through these young believers, the Good News travels to parents who would never listen to a Christian pastor but are willing to listen to their son or daughter. It reaches neighbors who are resistant to the Gospel but can’t help but recognize how Jesus changed the child next door. It inspires classrooms as kids and teachers see Jesus change the school bully into a loving, compassionate friend.

When the Gospel is shared with one child in India, it creates a domino effect that creates widespread, lasting change. It leads to local Christian communities as children bring their parents and friends to church!

So, what does it mean to reach a child in India with the Gospel? To their family, friends, and entire community, it means everything. It’s valuable to bring the Good News of Jesus to children because they’re not just the leaders of tomorrow—they’re leaders today.

You can start a domino effect in India’s communities by reaching children with us! Click here to introduce a child to Christ through a Children’s Bible Club.