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Sabita, Part 3: How to Respond to Hurt

Finally, at the age of 54, Sabita had discovered the peace of Christ. Her life would never be the same—and she was willing to suffer the consequences.

In fact, Sabita responded to her husband’s abuse and persecution in the most God-honoring way possible: she prayed for Chaksu and forgave him every time he harmed her. That didn’t mean giving her husband a pass for his actions, but it meant lifting the burden of bitterness and anger, trading them for Jesus’ love.

Then came the inevitable day when Chaksu’s addictions caught up with his health. He found himself in critical condition—Chaksu had so badly hurt his body that doctors gave up all hope and said he would soon die.

With her husband seemingly on his deathbed, Sabita bravely stepped up. She spoke about the last person Chaksu would want to hear about: Jesus. She explained His love, His sacrifice, and His resurrection, freeing the worst of sinners.

And as Chaksu listened, he responded differently than he ever had to the name of Jesus: He confessed his sins and received Christ as his Savior. And just as Jesus forgives each of us, He forgave Chaksu.

Meanwhile, Sabita’s church came alongside her in prayer for Chaksu’s health. Through their faithful prayers, God allowed Chaksu to live!

With a new lease on life, Chaksu wholeheartedly committed himself to Christ, destroying all of the idols in his house. Today, while he is not yet fully healed, he is free.

Meanwhile, Sabita is happily living in peace. And since she is now literate, she can read the Bible to grow in her faith!

What a beautiful story Sabita has, of allowing God to take her brokenness and turn her into a loving advocate for Him.

If Sabita’s story inspired you, will you join us in praying for others like her tomorrow on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church?


“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” – Matthew 5:44


Sabita’s faith was so strong that she was able to forgive her persecutor—her abuser—and ultimately lead him to Christ. Can you imagine the kind of strength that would take?! If you followed in Sabita’s footsteps, how would you live differently today?