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Vinaybir’s Prayers Worked!

Growing up in poverty was hard for Vinaybir’s family. Living in a small village had its challenges, but the biggest challenge Vinaybir faced was the faith of his family.

A while back, his father had become a Christian, but his mother was hesitant to follow Jesus. Unfortunately, she faced many health challenges, including mental health challenges, and felt more comfortable following her old gods during her times of need.

Even though Vinaybir believed in God like his dad did, he never fully understood his faith. With his parents following two different sets of beliefs, it was a conflicting environment to grow up in!

Thankfully, things changed when Vinaybir got to attend the local 10-Day Children’s Bible Club. He was very excited about the Bible Club and participated in many Christ-centered action songs and activities!

Now, he felt more connected to God than ever before. Vinaybir was drawn to the Bible because of what he was learning at the Bible Club and reading Scripture regularly. Throughout the lessons, he learned about Jesus and His power over sickness. Vinaybir began to realize that Jesus could heal his mom from her health concerns.

He prayed for his mother, and she was healed! This strengthened Vinaybir’s faith and changed his mother’s mind about Christianity. She trusted that it was Jesus who healed her—not her old gods. Over time, the whole family received salvation!

Today, Vinaybir has a whole new perspective on life. Will you pray that Vinaybir and his family continue to grow in their faith? Also, pray that Vinaybir’s desire to read God’s Word would continue to deepen, leading him to be an example of God’s love to everyone he meets.