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A Change of Heart

Your prayers continue to lead to life change for our friends in India. On November 9, you rejoiced with God that Adult Literacy student Niazmina had received salvation. You also prayed that the Lord would soften her husband, Manjul’s, heart toward the Lord and fill her husband with compassion for his wife, Niazmina.

Niazmina’s Adult Literacy Class leader encouraged her in all her disappointing situations. He also reminded her that when she trusted God and believed that God would bring peace to her marriage that God would bless her. Niazmina and her fellow Adult Literacy students prayed for deliverance from her troubles and that she would see a change in her husband.

By God’s grace through all these prayers, Niazmina’s husband Manjul had a change of heart. His parents, who disliked Niazmina attending the Literacy Class and changing her faith, gave Manjul a hard time about these things. This caused turmoil in the home as they quarreled over the decisions Niazmina was making. This ended when Niazmina and Manjul moved out of her in-law’s house. Manjul then allowed his wife, Niazmina, to attend the Literacy Class and church without resistance.

We praise God for this change and rejoice in the blessing Niazmina received! Niazmina still asks for prayers that her husband would find salvation in Jesus Christ. Would you pray for Manjul’s to find his salvation in Christ and that he would become firm in his faith?