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A Family’s Bleak Future Turned Bright

Mudita’s life turned upside down when her dad passed away due to COVID-19. In order to survive, Mudita and her brother Anup had to drop out of school and join their mother, Kamli, as child laborers in the fields.

One day, on their way home from the fields, they heard singing echoing in the distance. As they approached, they saw many children outside a small house, singing and dancing together. They stood and watched for a while, realizing it wasn’t a school. It was a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club! When the leader noticed they were watching, she approached them and shared about the Bible Club. She invited Kamli to enroll her children, so Mudita and Anup gladly joined!

The very next day, Mudita and Anup came to the Bible Club for the first time. From that day on, they would work tirelessly in the fields, but the Bible Club each evening would make them forget all their pains. They enjoyed the Christ-centered action songs, skits, games, and memory verses!

Mudita’s favorite part was listening to the Bible stories, especially the stories of Lazarus and David and Goliath. Inspired by these passages, she went home and shared the Gospel with her mom. Mudita, Anup, and Kamli all showed interest in the Good News of Jesus and began attending church.

The future is bright for Mudita and her family, but they still need your prayers. Will you pray for their salvation in Jesus and for Mudita and Anveer to attend school again? Also, will you pray that Mudita has the chance to become a teacher someday?