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A Miserable Paralytic, Healed and Happy!

Valsala grew up in a poor family, worshipping the gods and goddesses of her culture. When she entered her teens, she married Gurish, who worked as a truck driver. The two managed to get by on a meager income, but were not happily married.

To make matters worse, Valsala tried for years to have children. She faced much criticism from family and friends and consulted with numerous doctors, yet she was unable to conceive. Eventually, the couple adopted two children.

Later in Valsala’s life, she suddenly became paralyzed with no other symptoms or sickness. The family was in shock and didn’t know what to do. Valsala underwent many tests which all came back normal. They sought advice from many doctors and hospitals, but no one could find a reason for her paralysis.

Next, the family took Valsala to priests and witchdoctors, spending exorbitant amounts of money for her healing, but nothing helped. Feeling hopeless, Gurish began hating his wife more and more each day. Instead of supporting and encouraging her, he walked out on her, leaving her alone and heartbroken.

Valsala never imagined life would be so filled with pain and suffering. She felt she had nothing left to live for.

At her lowest point, Valsala heard someone preaching the Gospel from her neighbor’s home. It was Church Planter Viavat, teaching from the Bible. As Valsala overheard the discussion, she listened closely as Viavat’s mother spoke, too. She talked about things only other women faced, and her words touched Valsala.

Valsala thought, “I have worshipped gods and goddesses who have done nothing for me and spent my money on witchdoctors. Why shouldn’t I give Jesus a chance?” This began a change in Valsala’s life. She immediately went to her neighbor’s house and met Church Planter Viavat. She asked him and his mother to pray for her.

Viavat and his mother listened as Valsala shared her struggles. They then prayed, comforting Valsala with God’s Word. Valsala threw away her idols and began attending Viavat’s worshipping group! There, she began a personal relationship with Jesus as she continued praying for healing.

One Sunday as Viavat was preaching, Valsala noticed her hands and legs begin to move. She was so surprised and overjoyed! Soon she could move freely, and she shouted and cried aloud, falling to her knees with tears of happiness. Jesus had healed her!

Later, God answered another cry of Valsala’s heart: her husband returned and the two were reconciled. Today her entire family has surrendered their lives to Jesus and received Him as their Savior! Valsala never thought she’d know such pain and sadness… but now she is even more surprised at the healing, hope, and joy she has found in Jesus.