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Blind Man Sees God in Daily Life

Pakshin was born a healthy baby boy; however, he lost his eyesight when he was just five years old after going to the river to bathe. His parents loved Pakshin very much, but they were poor and unable to pay for the medical attention he needed. Pakshin’s blindness also meant that he could not attend school and get an education.

Pakshin’s life was filled with sorrow as he depended on his parents and siblings for everything. His mom and dad were farmers and taught him to worship idols and pray to the gods for a good harvest and protection from harm.

Eventually, Pakshin married Sana, a woman with mental health problems. She was able to work in the fields and earn some money to support them. Since Pakshin and Sana had both physical and mental health issues, they continually searched for peace and a god that would bless them.

In time, Sana gave birth to a son, which only worsened their financial situation, and they continued their search for the right god to satisfy their needs. They worshipped one god in a temple that was two hours away, performing rituals and filling their home with images of him. Still there was no change or peace in their lives.

One day Church Planter Rahib was speaking with the people of Pakshin’s village, telling them the Good News of Jesus. Rahib spoke with Pakshin’s brother, but Pakshin was not interested. In fact, he was adamant about not wanting to hear about Jesus since he was determined to stay true to his god. Rahib prayed for Pakshin and gave him some things to think about.

Then, Pakshin became very sick with a fever and Rahib stopped by to see him. As Pakshin lay in bed, Rahib explained that the living God could not be contained in images. The real God is always watching over us and is willing to heal us when we pray in faith. After sharing the Gospel with Pakshin, Rahib prayed for his healing and God touched Pakshin. Instantly, the fever left him.

Pakshin was amazed by God’s healing power as he had never experienced anything like it with his gods. He realized that his god didn’t heal him, but the fever left when Rahib prayed to Jesus. From then on, Pakshin listened to all Rahib had to say.

In time, Pakshin confessed his sins and received Jesus as his personal Savior. Pakshin experienced joy and peace like never before, and he shared his testimony, and the Good News of Jesus, with his wife and family. Pakshin and Sana are now active members in their church and regularly attend prayer meetings as well. Pakshin also plays the drums and keyboard for worship songs in church.

Today, Pakshin’s life is filled with happiness. He says he is blind to the world, but sees God in his daily life!  Please join Pakshin in praying for his family, that they will also come to know the one true God.