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Parvin’s Journey to a Bright Future

Growing up in a poor family meant Parvin never had the chance to attend a school that would give her an excellent education like her parents hoped for her. Instead, her parents enrolled her in a school they could afford, but never had time to pay attention to her studies.

Parvin tried her hardest to study well but didn’t have the proper school supplies due to her poverty. She begged friends to borrow their pens and pencils but felt guilty for doing so when she returned them. Some of her friends teased her for not being able to afford such small things, which lowered her confidence and made her feel lonely. She even skipped school sometimes because of the insults.

During that time, Bible Club leader Vineet saw Parvin and some other children playing in the streets one day and invited them to the Bible Club he was starting. Parvin joined, but feelings of inferiority crept in on the first day when she was unable to mingle with others.

Vineet noticed Parvin’s hesitation to interact socially, so he tried to cheer her up. Slowly, Parvin opened up and found joy in attending the Bible Club with her new friends. She appreciated that Vineet was concerned about everyone’s studies, and she was interested in listening to the Bible stories that Vineet shared. Vineet encouraged Parvin, and her grades were impacted positively.

Not only did Vineet encourage the children academically and spiritually, but he also taught them about caring for their physical health. Parvin learned to care for her belongings and her hygiene – developing a confidence she had previously lacked. Now, Parvin wants to become a teacher and help others learn, as Vineet did for her.

Parvin is now attending church regularly but has yet to receive Jesus as her Savior. Will you pray for Parvin and her family to come to the saving knowledge of Christ?