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A Ripple Effect of Change

Gamya is a young girl living in a rural community. Her family is dependent upon her father’s income selling herbal medicines and vegetables at the local market. Her mother takes care of the household and their children.

The family’s income is dependent upon the demand for the herbal medicines and vegetables which results in the family having to adjust their lives based on whatever the income from the market is. In the midst of the turmoil of adjust their lives according to their income, Gamya’s family received Jesus as their Savior a year ago. Gamya wasn’t growing in her faith because she didn’t know very much about Jesus, but she maintained very good relationships with the people around her.

The remote community she lived in only has the option of a government school. Unfortunately, the school lacked the necessary resources, modern teaching aids, technology, and enthusiastic teachers. The teachers lack commitment and never pay attention to individual students, making it very difficult for Gamya to learn. Because of this, her performance was below average. She struggles to read and write, lacked exposure to extracurricular activities, and impacted her overall development. But this didn’t stop Gamya; she was determined to make a better life for herself.

Her parents lacked the means to pay for her tuition but encouraged her to follow her aspirations. When they heard of the Year Long Children’s Bible Club, they enrolled her. Children’s Bible Club Leader, Shanta, assisted Gamya in all ways possible and she thrived. Gamya was able to explore her interests, develop new skills, and make new friends. Her participation in the various activities had improved her cognitive skills as well as her attention and problem-solving abilities.

Apart from learning more about her interest and exploring new things, Gamya learned many new things from the Bible and was introduced to the ministry of Jesus. Because she had grown up Hindu all of her life, she did not have a good understanding of the Bible. Hearing the Bible stories and through the action songs and activities, Gamya developed a deeper understanding of Jesus’ ministry and now strives to apply this to her daily life.

One day, she shared the power of prayer with her father and challenged him to say a word of prayer over the sick people he was giving herbal medicines to. Because of her confidence, her father began making prayer a principle of his business. Amazingly, this faith-filled action changed their lives for the better. People began to be miraculously healed and more people came to receive prayers and medicines. As the family honored God in their business, they experienced God’s blessing over their earnings.

Gamya is incredibly grateful to God for resolving their family financial problems and the opportunity to continue her academics through the Bible Club.