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Jesus Heals What Doctors Can’t

Abish lived a healthy, responsible life as a day laborer while his wife took care of their son and maintained their home. The couple was content and seemed to have life figured out—until Abish fell sick with an illness the doctors couldn’t diagnose.

The mystery sickness was difficult to treat, so none of the doctors’ efforts made a difference. In his misery, Abish turned to alcohol, which only worsened his condition. Abish fell into a downward spiral, to the point that he considered ending his life.

Others pled with the locally worshipped deity on Abish’s behalf, searching for solutions through rituals and sacrifices, yet still, nothing helped. Eventually, Abish’s whole family lost hope.

Times like these are when your prayers and gifts make all the difference. While Church Planter Rabiah was being trained and equipped for ministry through your support, he held a prayer group at a home in Abish’s neighborhood.

With nothing to lose, Abish decided to attend the prayer group. This gave Rabiah the opportunity to pray for Abish’s healing, along with the family’s wellbeing. And from that moment on, things began to change.

Suddenly, Abish took a turn for the better, and within a few months, he recovered from the sickness that no medical doctor or deity could heal! Amazed by the power of Jesus, Abish and his wife began to seek Christ.

As they learned more about the Gospel, Abish and his wife were convicted of their sins and received Jesus as their Savior. Today, they’re sharing their faith with others! Abish is sharing the Gospel with his aging parents, and he’s praying for the salvation of his six siblings.

Pray that the family will effectively communicate the Gospel message and lead many to Christ!