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Raheeb Experiences God’s Grace and Provision

Raheeb comes from a family that follows the religious practices of their culture, including sacrificing animals once a year for blessings and prosperity. Raheeb’s father, Ramiz, worked as a shop helper and had always been the sole provider for the family.

Now a young teen, Raheeb was a bit spoiled by his parents, lacking discipline throughout his childhood, which showed in his poor performance in school. He spent most of his time playing games on his mobile phone.

One day, Ramiz was in an accident, which left him with a badly broken foot. Ramiz was hospitalized for two weeks and faced mounting doctor bills for his care. Since Ramiz was unable to work, his wife, Jabarah, had to find employment. Fortunately, the shopkeeper where Ramiz worked offered to hire Jabarah, although she was paid much less. As Ramiz’s need for medical care continued, most of the money Jabarah earned went to pay for his doctors and treatments.

At the time the family had reached a new low point, they learned about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club near their home. Raheeb’s parents met with Bible Club leader, Dishana, who told them about the activities and assistance Raheeb would receive. Dishana also saw that Ramiz was bedridden and asked if she could pray for him. They agreed.

Given Raheeb’s struggles in school and how desperately he needed help with his studies, his parents decided to have him join the Bible Club. Initially, Raheeb was quite shy, but soon, he started making friends and participating in various activities. He felt comfortable in the Bible Club environment and enjoyed playing games and sports with the others.

In addition to receiving help with his schoolwork, Raheeb began learning stories from the Bible. It wasn’t long before Raheeb demonstrated a marked improvement in his studies, thanks to the discipleship of Dishana.

Dishana told Raheeb about Jesus and encouraged him to pray for his father’s healing. Ramiz’s health is now improving, and the family is optimistic that he will fully recover! One of Raheeb’s favorite Bible verses is “God shall supply all your needs.”

The family has not yet given their lives to Jesus, but they are appreciative of the significant change in Raheeb, who is now concentrating during school and not wasting time on his phone. They are also thankful for the ongoing prayers for Ramiz and the family’s financial condition.

Please pray that Raheeb and his family will all receive Jesus as their Savior. Also, pray that Ramiz will enjoy health and mobility soon and give God all the glory for his healing.