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Jaah Trades Pain for Peace

Jaah and his wife worshipped their family god, offering sacrifices twice a year for protection, prosperity, and health. However, Jaah’s devotion waned as he experienced long-term sickness and pain that only got worse.

Now in his late fifties, Jaah was desperate for healing and relief from the pain. He had worked as a fisherman and farmer which gave him a good income. Jaah was a well-respected man in his community until a mystery illness crippled him and left him unable to work. The terrible pain spread throughout his body and the only relief he found was getting drunk on alcohol.

In his drunken state, Jaah beat his wife and frightened his children. In desperation, he went into the forest to collect leaves for healing and worshipped plants per his religious rituals, but nothing lessened the pain. As his agony increased, Jaah wept bitterly and tried going to witch doctors who also did nothing to help. He resorted to sacrificing his own hair and harming himself – even shedding his own blood to his god – but had no peace or relief.

One day, Jaah found himself sharing a taxi with Church Planter Rafif as they headed home. Jaah began sharing his health issues and financial problems with Rafif. The two talked about their religious beliefs and Rafif was able to share the Gospel message with Jaah.

As Rafif talked about Jesus, his words captured Jaah’s attention as he listened to how Christ died to save the world. He wondered why Jesus had to die on a cross to save humanity. Learning how Christ overcame death and rose again comforted Jaah and he began to see how Jesus was the true God of peace.

Jaah kept meeting with Rafif and eventually began attending a local church. As his faith in Jesus increased, he discovered his pain was decreasing! God was answering Jaah’s prayers for healing. Jaah received Jesus as his Savior and gave up drinking alcohol.

Jaah’s wife was amazed by the changes in her husband. She saw how Jesus had the power to change people. Initially, she was reluctant to leave her god; however, through the peaceful days spent with her husband, and seeing his faith in action, she started believing in God, too. Today Jaah and his wife serve worship Jesus together – the only God able to give Jaah new life!