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October 2022 India Intercessor

Dear Friends,

When people ask me what the greatest change in India has been during my time as President of Mission India, my answer is persecution. Over the last decade, persecution in India has reached extreme levels. In a report released by Persecution Relief, crimes against Christians increased by 60% between 2016 and 2019 alone. Posing threats to property, employment, and peoples’ lives, persecution has caused a crisis for Christians in India.

Amidst the rise of persecution, our partners are persevering in God’s call to see their villages, cities, and country changed by the love of Jesus. Because of your prayers, this is happening through our three specific ministries:

  • Children’s Bible Clubs, where we provide an age-appropriate way for children to meet Jesus through sports games, action songs, and real-life stories about the love of God.
  • Adult Literacy Classes, where under-resourced adults can gain practical skills like reading and writing, or entrepreneurial and hygiene training.
  • Church Planter Training, where believers who are called to ministry can be equipped to plant churches and reach their neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The rising levels of persecution impact these efforts in a variety of ways. Church Planters can be targeted by anti-Christian religious groups who seek to do them harm. Adult Literacy Classes may have attendees discouraged from participating by their neighbors. Children’s Bible Clubs can struggle to find a safe and consistent location to meet.

The ministry of Mission India cannot continue without the prayers of God’s people. That’s you! As we continue to face opposition on the frontlines, thank you for the time you are giving to pray for God’s protection and provision. Your prayers help carry the Gospel to people all over India.

Together, for India,

Todd VanEk
President & CEO

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