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Rachi Learns to Respect Authority

Rachi’s mother died when she was young, so she and her three siblings were raised by her father. It all happened so suddenly, and the children didn’t have time to adjust to the new reality of a single-parent household. Rachi’s father often worked all day and late into the night in order to provide for his children, but the little money he made was barely enough. Because of this, they lived in a makeshift camp with other families who struggled to make ends meet.

The camp was full of people who worshipped false gods and believed in dark spiritual practices. This resulted in dysfunction for many families, and children often ran wild without supervision.

Rachi was no different. Like every other child in the camp, she was disobedient, disrespectful, and unkind. Because Rachi’s father was focused on working to provide for the family, Rachi had no one to guide her. Without a consistent adult in her life, Rachi struggled in school and relationships. She had no motivation to study or improve her life. Rachi was in desperate need of guidance.

Simply put: the makeshift camp was in desperate need of a Children’s Bible Club.

Bible Club Leader Pampha was determined to serve the children there, so she launched the program and invited many to join! Rachi enrolled, but it was a rocky start. Because Rachi wasn’t used to authority, Pampha had to discipline and correct her frequently. Over time, Rachi grew to respect Pampha, and she listened to her.

Pampha taught the children many things—from school tutoring, to basic hygiene, to good discipline and Gospel-centered songs. Rachi learned about Jesus and her heart opened to Him. The Bible stories she heard from Pampha gave Rachi a new perspective on life, and she found the motivation she had always been looking for.

Now Rachi prays, focuses on homework, and shows respect to adults in her life! She even attends Sunday school and is daily growing in her newfound faith.