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You Showed a Rejected Child Her Worth

Jamia was a reserved little girl who was set apart in her community because of her eyes, which were shaped differently than anyone else’s.

Many of Jamia’s peers and relatives treated her poorly and rejected her because of superstitious misconceptions surrounding her eye condition. Unfortunately, the family’s finances were limited, and she was unable to receive the treatment she needed.

To make matters worse, Jamia was always compared to her twin sister, who others believed was prettier than her.

Thankfully, Jamia noticed a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club that you sent to her village one day. She was drawn in by the activities and decided to join.

During the Bible Club, she heard the story of David and Goliath, which captivated her, along with the Good News of Jesus. Growing up following other deities, Jamia had never heard of Jesus before. But each day she attended the Bible Club, the love of Jesus took root in her heart, and her whole demeanor began to change.

Jamia embraced the teachings of Jesus over the course of the 10 days, and she blossomed into a confident, active Bible Club member. She eagerly memorized Scripture, sang songs, and shared the Bible stories she learned with her family!

Jamia’s mother is especially grateful to the Bible Club leader after witnessing such a profound change in her daughter. Jamia is now compassionate and selfless, even offering to help younger children.

Thank you for sending hope to this young girl and showing her she is loved by God!