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Sampras Learns to Value Education

Sampras grew up in northeast India as the oldest of three children in a poor family. His parents leased land to cultivate on but had to give away a third of the harvest to the landlord, leaving the family with very little to survive on.

Although there was a school in the area, Sampras missed out on a quality education because his school was short on good, consistent teachers. As a result, students there lacked ambition and became reckless. Sampras was a well-behaved boy but struggled academically because he was not being properly taught at school. He would sometimes skip school altogether and go to work in the field with his parents.

Understanding the broken education system in her village, a local believer named Janraj started a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club to help the boys and girls with their academics while shining the light of Christ. She invited many children, and Sampras was one of the first to enroll, excited to sing, dance, and play sports with his friends. While engaging the children in these fun activities, Janraj’s first task was to impart the understanding that education was essential to a better life.

This really motivated Sampras, so he began regularly attending school and studying hard. He knew that if he had difficulties with schoolwork, he could always get help from Janraj.

He also became more responsible at home, helping to guide and encourage his younger siblings to study hard.

With the same diligence he used to attend school, Sampras never missed the Bible Club. He learned many new Christ-centered songs, dances, and Bible stories. The moral lessons taught through each activity inspired him even more to prioritize his education.

Today, Sampras is doing well in his studies and is growing in all aspects of life. His parents are very happy to know that their son has a bright future ahead of him, and it all began when he understood how a good education could change his life.

Would you pray for Sampras to become a blessing to others and that he would come to the saving knowledge of Christ?