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Anti-Christian Activist in Christian Hospital

Whenever Nabhan and his friends saw a Christian festival, they took it upon themselves to try to stop it. In one particular instance, Nabhan threatened the believers to end their celebration, or else he and his friends—who volunteered for an anti-Christian activist group—would beat them.

Then came a day, not long after, when Nabhan climbed a tall tree to gather fruit and fell to the ground. He gasped for breath in excruciating pain, and he nearly died.

But, of all people, the local Christians who heard him struggling came to his rescue. They rushed him to a nearby hospital, which happened to be Christian-run, and the doctors not only took care of him but also prayed for his recovery.

It was during this time that Nabhan met Church Planter Aliya, who was ministering in the hospital. She, too, prayed for Nabhan’s recovery, and she went on to share the Gospel. Aliya opened Nabhan’s eyes to God’s love and the great purpose He has for each person He created. Aliya’s words lingered in Nabhan’s mind long after she left, and the anti-Christian activist found his mindset toward Christians suddenly shifting.

Many days later, Nabhan was discharged from the hospital. He was a changed man. Nabhan continued to be discipled by Aliya, and his hostility toward Christians melted away! In his Saul-to-Paul-like change, he recognized that the Gospel brought him comfort he’d never felt before. He sought Christ and finally received Jesus as his Savior!

Nabhan has cut all ties from the anti-Christian activist group, and he does not fear backlash—his faith in Jesus is strong!

Join us in prayer as Nabhan lives a new life in Christ:

  1. Pray that Nabhan’s family will be inspired by his changed life and receive Jesus as their Savior, too.
  2. Ask God to protect Nabhan from his former anti-Christian colleagues, and that He would even use Nabhan to share the love of Jesus with them. May the entire activist group be changed by Christ!