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A Dream for Education Fulfilled!

As a young girl, Nimrah worked in the paddy fields after her father passed away. Even though her family worshipped the gods of their culture, Nimrah often wondered why life hadn’t gone her way. She wished for an education so she could be freed from poverty and the fears of life.

She eventually married a rickshaw puller and the couple had three children. Nimrah worked tirelessly to save for her children’s education and struggled to meet the family’s needs. Her husband only added to her troubles by drinking alcohol and frivolously wasting their money. Regardless, she mustered the strength to manage the household. She did everything to please her deities, even offering livestock in hopes for her life to turn around. But one thing still lacked in her life – a sense of peace.

In desperate need of money, Nimrah went to all the shops in town searching for a job but was rejected because she was uneducated. Her lack of education meant she couldn’t do something as basic as signing her name – she had to use her thumbprint instead.

Determined to change her future, she set out to learn how to read and write – and sign her name. She joined the local Adult Literacy Class despite her husband’s opposition and found comfort there in her dismal life.

But one day, she began suffering from stomach pain, and the superstitious women in her community told her it was because she participated in the Literacy Classes even though her husband had discouraged her. So, she stopped attending the Literacy Class.

The caring teacher encouraged her to rejoin the class and prayed for Nimrah’s healing. In her desperate moment, Nimrah experienced the love of Christ through the believers in the Literacy Class who prayed for her.

Their consistent prayers worked, and Nimrah was healed from her stomach pain! In that moment, she believed that God had the power to rescue and heal, receiving Him as her personal Savior.

After a few months in the Literacy Class, Nimrah was able to read, write, and do simple math. Her hard work and desire to become something finally paid off. Her family members were delighted to see her improvement. Instead of using her thumbprint, she is now able to sign her name on paperwork!

But even more so, she was comforted and realized that the real God is the one who protects and saves her. Nimrah says, “All these things happened in my life only because of the Literacy Class. When I attended, I did not know anything, but now I can read, write, and also met my Savior.” She thanks God and the Literacy Class teacher for the new change in her life. Would you pray that Nimrah would continue to grow in her studies and in her relationship with Christ?