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Physical Healing was Just the Beginning

No matter how diligent Shakeela was in following the teachings of her religion, peace eluded her. Her husband, Naji, didn’t earn much as a tailor, so they often struggled financially. This led to frequent arguments and a tense home environment. On top of that, it seemed someone in the family was always sick. Whether with health or finances, they could never get ahead of things.

When Shakeela realized that she was experiencing more than the usual sicknesses her family caught, she was concerned. She was tired, experienced sudden weakness, and spiked random fevers. Shakeela was soon admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with heart disease. Unsure of her fate, Shakeela was depressed and lacked hope.

Thankfully, one day Naji met a man named Yasra, who shared about Jesus’ life and miracles. Yasra, a Christian who mentors a group of Church Planters, explained that Jesus can still heal today. Naji asked Yasra to visit Shakeela, and he was happy to do so.

Yasra also shared the Gospel with Shakeela and prayed with her for complete healing. He continued visiting Shakeela every day for a week, each time telling her more about Jesus and praying that she would be healed. Then, a true miracle occurred, and Shakeela experienced an unexplainable recovery from her heart problems!

Shakeela was changed when she felt the miracle of healing in her body. She knew Jesus must be real, and she wanted to know Him better. Yasra introduced Shakeela to a Church Planter named Rasul, who shared her own testimony with Shakeela. Rasul guided Shakeela as she explored faith in Jesus, inviting her to a prayer group and patiently explaining the Bible to her.

Within a month, Shakeela fully embraced Jesus as her Savior. Her formerly chaotic life is now filled with everlasting love and the true peace of knowing God! Pray for Shakeela’s continued spiritual growth, and that Naji would also come to a life-saving faith in Jesus.