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Reshtina is Saved, Physically and Spiritually

Reshtina’s husband was worried when she began suffering from breathing issues. They had four children to look after, so they went to several hospitals looking for answers. Deep in depression, Reshtina wished that medicine would clear her lungs and let her breathe again so that she could live a long life. But none of it helped, and Reshtina and her husband were deeply troubled, as her health seemed to continue deteriorating.

With medication not working, Reshtina hoped that one of her many gods, whom she prayed to regularly, would show her kindness and heal her body. But, she found herself consistently disappointed that nothing seemed to work.

Then, Church Planter Baber met Reshtina and told her that he would pray to Jesus, who could heal her. With little faith in this new God, she closed her eyes and let Baber pray. To Reshtina’s surprise, she was able to breathe without difficulty following the prayer! Reshtina was shocked by this experience. No medication or other gods could cure her, but the prayer to Jesus worked a miracle in her life!

In an expression of gratitude to Christ, Reshtina and her family attended the local church. There she learned that Jesus is the one true God who speaks and heals. Upon hearing the Gospel, she confessed her sins and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She thanked Him for healing her and decided to faithfully follow Him and testify to others the miracle she experienced.

God saved Reshtina and her family through your prayers and support of Church Planter Baber! Here’s how you can continue being a part of Reshtina’s story:

  • Pray that Reshtina and her family share Jesus’ name as they tell of the miracle Reshtina experienced.
  • Pray for Baber, that he would reach many like Reshtina with the Good News.