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Mithal: From Shy to Confident

Mithal and his sister long for their parents every day. A few years ago, their father passed away. Only a decade into marriage and unable to bear the responsibility of raising two children alone, Mithal’s mother left him and his sister with their grandparents. She wanted to lead her own life and decided to hand over responsibility for her kids.

Although their grandparents provided for their needs, Mithal and his sister missed their parents. These tough times led Mithal to draw inward and develop a tendency to be reserved and shy. This was prominent in his studies and his interactions with friends.

But then the impact of your prayers and support came into play. One day, Mabruk, the local Children’s Bible Club leader, met Mithal. Mabruk had been equipped for ministry thanks to you! After spending time with Mithal, Mabruk noticed he was very shy and encouraged him to attend the Bible Club. Mabruk assured him that, along with many other benefits, his grades would improve if he joined. Mithal enrolled and was discipled by Mabruk. Within six months, he became active and excelled in his studies! He is now eager to learn new things.

Mithal left behind his shy and timid ways and is now leading other children in the Bible Club. He really enjoys the Christ-centered action songs and has heard Mabruk read several stories from the Bible.

Among these was a story Mithal was drawn to of Moses’ change from a timid person to a great leader of the Israelites. This impacted Mithal because of his desire to become a soldier and protect his nation.

Although Mithal heard about Jesus, he is yet to surrender his life to Him. Pray that Mithal would come to know Jesus as his Savior and that his family would follow in his footsteps.