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Manohari’s Prayers Lead to Positive Change

Manohari’s family worshipped the deities their ancestors followed, strictly adhering to all the traditions and rituals to please their gods. They were very superstitious and never questioned their practices.

Manohari and his parents lived in a very small house. His mom and dad earned a meager living, working as daily laborers. Unfortunately, Manohari’s father squandered much of their money on alcohol and cigarettes while his mother struggled to feed the family on what was left. Daily survival left them feeling very stressed and with no peace.

Manohari and his family went on pilgrimages with their relatives to offer sacrifices, hoping the gods would be pleased and improve their lives. The cost of these pilgrimages also took away from their small income. As their living conditions worsened, Manohari’s parents began to suspect demonic oppression and wondered if the gods even heard their prayers and if one of them might be cursing them.

The family’s hardships had a negative impact on Manohari, who attended the grade school in their village. Manohari wasn’t interested in learning and often skipped school or disrupted the class by talking to the other students. He struggled with learning and rarely finished his homework assignments. This disappointed Manohari’s parents and made them sad and frustrated.

One day, the leader of a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club met Manohari’s parents and told them about the various club activities, which included help with schoolwork. Manohari was interested in joining as he had heard about the fun the children had in the Bible Club. He quickly signed up and began attending every day.

In time, Manohari learned action songs that he loved to sing and dance to. He also heard stories from the Bible and came to know Jesus as the Savior. While Manohari wasn’t initially thrilled with study time, the Club Leader personally guided him through his homework. Soon, Manohari’s studies improved, and he completed his work on time and on his own.

Manohari began praying to Jesus for his father to stop drinking alcohol and for their financial situation to improve. He decided to receive Jesus as his Savior and prayed to God to bless his family. Things began to change. Manohari’s father started saving a little money, and his mother began going to church with him. Soon, she, too, came to know Jesus. Now, Manohari and his mom attend church together, and they have family devotions at home.

Manohari loves to share his favorite Bible verse from Psalms 121: “I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” We praise God that Manohari and his mother have received Jesus as their Savior and continue to pray that his father will come to believe in Jesus, too.