Gospel Access

India is Unreached

Imagine growing up in a town where there’s not a single believer, Bible, or church. This is what it’s like to be “unreached”—living a life apart from Christ because you’ve simply never heard of Him.

Reaching the unreached in India with the Gospel.

India’s Lack of Gospel Message

“Unreached” is not the same as “lost.” You may know people who have been to church, heard Scripture, and understand who Jesus is, yet choose not to follow Him. These individuals are lost.

But in India, millions of people are unreached, meaning they have no knowledge of Jesus and no resources available to help them learn about Him.

According to Joshua Project, India is home to 2,373 people groups, and 2,135 of them (90%) are unreached by the Good News of Jesus.

IMB offers an incredible interactive map that allows you to learn more about unreached people groups around the world. Zoom in on India and click the red dots to learn more about communities that are less than 2% Christian, with no active church planting activity.

Each red dot in the maps below represents a community that is less than 2% Christian, with no active church planting activity. As you can see, many communities still need to be reached, but in just a handful of years, we’ve come a long way!


children who attend Bible Clubs disciple to their parents

How to
Get Involved

Is God tugging at your heart and calling you to be part of His work in India? We’d love to have you join us on this incredible mission! There are plenty of ways to get involved—take a look at three key options below and partner with us as God leads.

Believers all over India are compelled by Christ’s love to reach millions of children with the Gospel.

Pray for India

We strongly believe that prayer is the first work of missions. Your prayers mean the world to us, and we gladly provide resources to guide you in prayer for India.

Women’s participation in the workforce is increasing in India, but they continue to face challenges such as limited access to education.

Ways to Give

India’s Christians are eager to learn how to effectively share the Gospel. Your financial support equips and trains them to minister within their communities!

Church Planters are trained to plant self-sustaining churches that continue to shine the light of Jesus long after their year of training ends.

Engage your Church

By partnering with Mission India, your church can plant churches in India effectively and efficiently, impacting entire communities for generations to come.