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A Lost Dream Restored Through a Bible Club

Growing up in a low-income area, Premlal dreamt of becoming a police officer. He was a very kind person who took his studies seriously – always focused on his dream.

However, everything changed when schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His additional free time distracted him from his goal, and he lost interest in his studies. He began spending his time on worthless things.

His parents, both illiterate, were worried about his future because of this and did their best to encourage him to study. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen. He even lost interest in personal cleanliness because he was busy playing with his friends – forgetting to bathe regularly.

But life turned around for Premlal when a Children’s Bible Club started in his village once it was safe to meet again. He joined, and it redirected his focus back to his studies! The Bible Club leader encouraged all of the children in their studies and motivated them to dream big in life.

Premlal was introduced to Bible stories and songs about Jesus, which his parents often heard him humming at home. His parents were happy with the change they were seeing in Premlal. He even learned about good hygiene, which helped Premlal cultivate healthy habits like bathing regularly, maintaining a balanced diet, and staying focused.

From this point forward, Premlal’s eagerness to rebuild a better and brighter future was reflected in his actions. He rarely missed a day of the Bible Club and passionately pursued his studies. His parents noticed this change and expressed their gratitude to the Bible Club leader for helping Premlal get back on the right track.

Premlal often shared the Bible stories he heard with his mother, and with time, she, too, was touched by the stories. The family began attending church together, but they have not received Jesus as their Savior yet. When some of their relatives heard that they were interested in Christ, they opposed the family. Now, the fear of being cut off from their extended family is holding them back from salvation.

Would you pray that God would remove these obstacles so that Premlal and his family will receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior?