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Panavi’s Life Changed Suddenly!

Her responsibilities were heavy for a 13-year-old. She looked after her family’s goats, sheep, and cows, and also foraged in the nearby forest for fruit they could sell or eat.

Panavi’s family was rural, and desperately poor, so everyone had to pitch in and work hard just to make sure there was food on the table. Panavi attended school only sporadically; she had too much to do at home to bother with classes.

When friends in the village told her about a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club starting nearby this summer, Panavi wanted to attend — and her mother and father graciously agreed to look after the livestock for the 10 days, so Panavi could join the Bible Club with her friends.

There she sang songs, learned Bible verses, played games, learned about Jesus — and received an inspirational reminder about how important an education is. Everything she learned and experienced spoke right to her heart!

She embraced Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and today she and her friends from the Bible Club are praying that her parents will soon choose to follow Jesus, too.

And the Bible Club awakened her desire to get an education, so this school year, she’s back in class and applying herself.

Thank you for showing Panavi the hope of Jesus and helping her pursue a new life in Him!