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A Relational Miracle!

God is continuing to work through your prayers! In February, you prayed for Adult Literacy student Kayal. Her in-laws were vying for her husband to divorce her because she had yet to conceive a child. You asked God to intervene in Kayal’s marriage and He did just that!

Kayal’s mother-in-law, Salima, used to taunt her daily, openly insulting Kayal. She even went as far as making plans to remarry her son.

God has worked in mighty ways since you prayed – Salima has completely changed her attitude toward Kayal! She no longer mentions divorce, has completely altered her demeanor, and has even stopped insulting Kayal. Although Salima still expects Kayal to conceive, Kayal is staying hopeful in the Word of God.

In addition to your prayers, Kayal was encouraged by the earnest prayers from her fellow Literacy Class students on her behalf, leading her to believe that she is loved by God personally. Soon after witnessing the impact of prayer, Kayal received Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

She continues to meet with the Adult Literacy teacher in her home to pray regularly. When she is feeling discouraged, the teacher encourages her to trust the Word of God and wait with expectancy for a miracle. She is confident that the same God who softened the heart of her mother-in-law can surely change her circumstances and bless her with a child.

Would you continue to join Kayal in prayer that God would provide a miracle and bless her and her husband with a child?