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Persecution Can’t Compete with Prayer

Opposition is a reality for many Christian leaders in India, and the experience can be discouraging. From being left out or ignored, to verbal harassment, to threats of harm and physical abuse—the emotional toll that persecution can take is one that often leaves people ready to throw in the towel.

That’s why prayer is integral to everything we do. Because missions are fueled by intercession. Prayer changes circumstances to empower God’s people to carry on in the face of the unthinkable. That’s what happened to Abijah.

Many non-Christian children were attending the Children’s Bible Club that Abijah was leading, and it seemed to be going well! The children were attentive and learning about Jesus, many for the first time ever. Abijah was excited to see their little hearts opening to the Savior. But things changed quickly.

As soon as the community realized that Abijah was teaching the children about Jesus, the harassment started. The persecution became so great that Abijah feared she would have to close down the Bible Club altogether. So, she asked for prayer from friends like you.

On September 20, 2022, you prayed for Abijah’s Bible Club to continue running peacefully, and God answered your prayers. Abijah had to close down the Bible Club. For a little while, it seemed like the enemy had won.

But after just one month, she was able resume meeting with children from Christian families. God heard the prayers of His people and responded on behalf of your petition. Now there are children who get to continue building a foundation of faith that they will carry for years to come.

Abijah is grateful that God made a way for the Bible Club to continue meeting—even if some students had to withdraw. She continues to love her neighbors and pray for those who are lost.