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March 2022 India Intercessor

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite things about Children’s Bible Clubs is the fact that boys and girls become deeply rooted in Scripture.

I remember visiting some of our Bible Clubs before the pandemic and seeing the children there recite memory verses—and I don’t just mean one or two verses, I mean long passages from the Bible! These boys and girls end up knowing tons of Scripture, and it sustains them through all kinds of trials, from problems at home to COVID-19 lockdowns. They are hiding His Word in their hearts according to Psalm 119:11.

It’s incredible to see what God can do through a child who knows and loves His Word. Just recently, I heard about a sixth-grade girl named Sujani who grew to love reading the Bible in a Children’s Bible Club. She was drawn to Jesus through the verse, “Let the little children come to me” (Luke 18:15). Together, she and her Bible Club leader led her family to Christ—and since her parents are illiterate, Sujani reads the Bible to them at home now!

Sujani has become such a light for Jesus. Beyond her own family, she has led three other local families to Him! What an amazing God we serve, that He would use a child to lead a community to Christ.

As we launch a new 10-Day Children’s Bible Club matching challenge on March 1, I can’t help but think of stories like Sujani’s. My prayer is that every gift given toward this matching challenge will result in another story like hers! I hope you’ll join me in this prayer while giving God all the glory for the ways He is transforming India’s boys and girls through Scripture.

Together, for India,

Todd VanEk
President & CEO

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