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Sugitha’s Curiosity Leads to Her Family’s Salvation

Sugitha was brought up in a family that had worshipped the gods and goddesses of their culture for generations. Sugitha was a sincere follower and often visited the temples to please her gods – asking especially for good grades in class.

Her parents were both hard workers and ran a general store – only looking for day labor jobs in times of need. Sugitha and her siblings attended a government school in their village.

Although she pleaded with her gods for good grades, she didn’t put in the work needed to succeed academically. Because of their busy schedules, her parents failed to teach her good morals, so Sugitha became naughty and rebellious toward her parents and elders, affecting her performance in school.

Then, one day, Sugitha overheard voices singing and laughing coming from somewhere in her neighborhood. Curious to know what it was, she followed the joyful noises, and found a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club!

The Bible Club leader, Reha, was zealous about doing ministry among the local children. She faced many challenges and opposition from parents and villagers for sharing the Gospel – even facing false allegations. Regardless, she stood firm and continued her ministry, and that’s what led to the moment when Sugitha discovered the Bible Club.

Reha noticed as Sugitha longingly watched the children singing and dancing. Suspecting that Sugitha wished she could join, Reha invited her in. Sugitha happily participated that day and then asked her parents for permission to attend regularly. In hopes that it would improve her studies, her parents agreed to let her enroll!

Sugitha loved all of the activities and found real joy and peace through God’s Word and prayer. She learned about Jesus and the good morals He teaches through Bible stories. When her parents observed her praying to Jesus daily, they worried that she might follow Jesus instead of their gods but were too happy with her personal growth to say anything.

Over time, Sugitha’s behavior changed, and she began respecting her parents and elders. She became polite and completed her homework on time! Best of all, Sugitha received Jesus as her Savior!

Often, Sugitha would come home and share the Bible stories she learned at the Bible Club with her parents and siblings. Gradually, as she shared about Jesus, her parents’ perspective changed and they decided to follow Jesus, too! They removed all the idols and photographs of their gods from the home and ceased worshipping them. Now the whole family is following Jesus.

Pray that they will stand firm in their new faith and be a blessing to many others.