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Once Reckless, Makin Learns Self-Control

Makin is the youngest in his family. His parents follow Jesus, and even though they are quite poor, they have managed to send their children to school. Makin was not a very good student and was often disruptive, stubborn, and rude. He picked fights over the silliest things and only had a few friends because of the way he treated people.

Makin wasn’t interested in good hygiene and often wore shabby, dirty clothes. His parents knew things needed to change with Makin, but weren’t sure what to do about him. Even though his parents prayed and worshipped God, Makin was disinterested in Jesus as he only wanted to spend time with his friends.

Fortunately, they knew of a young, energetic Bible Club leader who loved children. When Makin joined the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in his area, he was difficult for the leader to deal with. He did not listen or follow the rules, but the leader continued to be loving when she corrected him.

The initial days of the Bible Club were rough for Makin as he had to adapt to new people and expectations, but one thing he really enjoyed was sports. The energy required was something he could give without much thought, and he particularly excelled in sports that involved a lot of physical exertion.

It took much patience and effort from the Bible Club leader, but after a couple of months, Makin showed signs of improvement. He is now able to focus on his studies during study time, something he rarely did at home. And, although he dislikes sitting still and listening, Makin is developing self-discipline. He now joins the others in singing, prayer, and listening to Bible stories. Where he was once reckless and irresponsible, Makin is now learning self-control and accountability.

Seeing the other children studying hard, Makin realized the importance of getting an education. He knows he will one day compete with children who did well in school and doesn’t want to be left behind. Being competitive as an adult in the job market has motivated him to do well in his schoolwork.

Makin’s behaviors toward others have changed, too. He is now respectful toward his parents and listens to them. He prays at home and attends Sunday school, too. His academics have improved, which has given him more confidence. Please pray that Makin fully commits his life to serving Jesus as he continues to change for the better.