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A 10-Day Children’s Bible Club Changed Everything

Kulina couldn’t remember the last time she felt good.

She had stomach troubles and frequent headaches. Though she tried to do well in school, her constant illness meant she missed classes and struggled to keep up.

Her family had taken her to doctors who didn’t help — and then to temples and religious leaders for rituals and prayers … those didn’t help either.

But her father, Ateeb, is a commercial driver. And one day at work this summer, he met a Mission India ministry partner who shared the Gospel with him. When Ateeb understood they were talking about a different God than any he knew from his religion, he told the man about Kulina and her poor health.

The man promised to pray for her and invited Ateeb to enroll Kulina in a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club.

Over the course of those 10 days, everything changed for Kulina!

She had fun with friends, enjoyed the Bible stories, loved playing games and singing action songs … and she received complete healing from her stomachaches and headaches.

In gratitude for her healing, she joyfully committed her life to Jesus Christ.

Her parents were so amazed by these changes in their daughter, they began attending church services with her — we’re praying they will soon come to faith in Jesus, too.

Thank you for making it possible for Kulina to hear about Jesus this summer, and for her whole family to discover hope in Him.