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A Better Role Model for Jassi

Jassi grew up in a Christian home with parents who were devoted to Jesus. Her mother, especially, had a desire to see her children love God and serve in ministry. Because of this, they never missed a worship service or evening prayers with the family.

But the teenage years are difficult for many children, and this became true for Jassi. In those impressionable years, Jassi started to admire and even obsess over celebrities. Her behavior began imitating that of what she witnessed on television and social media. As a result, Jassi lost interest in church. Following Jesus seemed so opposite from the lifestyle she wanted, and it grieved her mother’s heart.

Around that time, a neighbor named Tanmayi started a Children’s Bible Club in their village. Jassi enrolled with her mother’s encouragement, and this one decision changed the course of her life.

Jassi enthusiastically learned action songs about Jesus, heard Bible stories, and played games with other children. She even memorized Scripture verses!

Tanmayi began to intentionally disciple Jassi, which gave Jassi a healthy role model to look up to. Instead of imitating worldly celebrities, she observed and imitated Tanmayi. This led to a blossoming faith for Jassi!

Now, Jassi reads the Bible every day and even leads her family in worship in the evenings. She regularly attends Sunday school to enjoy fellowship with other Christian children and is growing in her relationship with the Lord. As Jassi’s faith deepens, her character strengthens. Her mother praises God for how He used the Children’s Bible Club to soften Jassi’s heart!