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When Mentorship Creates a Ripple Effect

Who’s someone that made a positive impact on you as a child? Was it the teacher who believed you could achieve your dreams? The coach who taught you to never give up? A grandma who helped you understand who Jesus is?

Millions of children in India are desperately searching for a mentor like this. Stuck in homes dominated by addiction, poverty, and even abuse, they need a Christian adult to show them the light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s exactly what Mysha is doing for a group of children in Tamil Nadu, India. 

Mysha’s desire to mentor children comes out of her own experience being mentored. When she was young, a Christian leader taught her about Jesus. And now, she is compelled to do the same for others. We’re excited to share Mysha’s testimony with you, where she shares more about what led her to a life of ministry!

I, Mysha, was brought up in a family that worshipped idols. We grew up poor after my father – who was addicted to alcohol – passed away. He didn’t save any money because of his addiction, which left us to struggle after his passing. My mother struggled to feed us daily and give us a good education, and our relatives left us to struggle on our own in this difficult time.

While I was in school, a Christian friend was always happy and singing fun songs. I admired that and asked her where she learned the songs. She told me that she learned them in Vacation Bible School and invited me to join the next one.

I attended the 10-day Vacation Bible School with her and learned so many songs and Bible stories. Being with all the other children gave me great joy and peace.

Afterward, I began attending church on Sundays. The church graciously helped supply notebooks and other educational needs for my sister and me. My mother was touched by this, and I began sharing Jesus with her.

Then, one day, my mother got sick. My sister and I laid our hands on her head and prayed to Jesus for her healing. That same night, my mother was healed and started believing in Jesus as the one true God.

I have submitted my life to Christ and follow Him as my personal Savior. Now, I serve in children’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher. I also faithfully serve and worship Jesus as a Children’s Bible Club leader. Thank you for providing the opportunity to teach the children in my community about the Savior.

Mysha’s story is an excellent example of disciples making more disciples. Because a Christian led her to Christ in a Vacation Bible School, she is compelled to lead other children to know the Lord!

How are you making a positive impact on the next generation? As you reflect back on the teacher, coach, grandparent, or mentor who made a difference in your childhood, how can you pay it forward? Take a look at a few great ways to do so below!


– Ask God to reveal a specific way you can lead and become a positive impact on the next generation.

– Pray for the Children’s Bible Club leaders in India who are stepping out in faith to reach children with the Gospel in hard-to-reach communities.

Take Action|

– Reach out to someone who positively impacted your faith and let them know how they encouraged you.

– Give a matched gift to share the Gospel with kids in India through 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs. Right now, through a special matching challenge, every $1 you give will be doubled so that 2 children are introduced to Jesus! They’ll receive compassion and care through a Bible Club leader just like Mysha. Double your impact here.