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The Power of Christ-Centered Kindness

Dakshya was part of a loving and supportive family, but all that changed when his parents died. Dakshya was just a teenager who was suddenly all alone in the world. He had an older brother, but he refused to take care of Dakshya.

In order to survive, Dakshya worked for a private company. But he wasted all his money on alcohol and eventually became addicted. On top of this, Dakshya was young and inexperienced, so he could not cook meals for himself and didn’t know how to keep clean.

All of this greatly affected his health over time, and by adulthood, he found himself diagnosed with tuberculosis. Growing weaker by the day, Dakshya reached out for help to anyone he could find. Unfortunately, everyone was afraid of catching his disease, so no one helped him.

Dakshya was helpless. He drowned into a depression, stopped eating, and simply waited to die.

One day, some of his neighbors kindly took Dakshya to the hospital. They paid for his treatment and brought him home. Dakshya was thankful to his neighbors for their help, but he soon realized that they could not continue to take care of him. Although he had medicine from the hospital to help with his sickness, he was still unable to cook or take care of himself. He could not do anything on his own and once again found himself all alone.

At the height of Dakshya’s despair, Church Planter Jabalah was going around preaching the Gospel in the village. Dakshya heard what Jabalah was saying and became emotional, explaining all of his pain and misfortune. Jabalah felt sorry for Dakshya and tried to comfort him, explaining that Jesus came to show compassion to people like Dakshya. Jabalah prayed for him and started visiting him every week to share the love of God.

Dakshya couldn’t believe this man would show him such kindness when his brother and neighbors kept their distance. He started believing in Jesus and prayed to Him for healing!

Jabalah began to help and support Dakshya in many ways, even providing food. Slowly, Dakshya started to get better! His health is still improving day by day, and he hopes to attend Jabalah’s worshipping group once he is fully recovered. Will you pray Dakshya’s complete healing?