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The Unspoken Truths about Gender Discrimination

When you think of nations where gender-based discrimination is at an extreme, a lot of nations probably come to mind ahead of India. But sadly, women in India are suffering and missing out on basic rights—from birth through adulthood. So how does that actually play out?

Allow us to introduce you to Udbala, whose story paints a grim picture of a life filled with gender-related discrimination.

First, you have to know that Udbala didn’t go to school as a child—even though her brother did. She often wondered what people read about in books, but the idea of being able to read for herself was just a far-fetched dream.

That’s extremely unfair…

Agreed. But many families in India see a daughter as nothing more than a financial liability that can be passed along to her husband. Why invest in her education, they figure, when she’ll spend her life doing chores at home?

That’s the life Udbala was destined for: Her parents married her off at the age of just 15.

Even though Udbala was lucky enough to marry a kind man, gender-based discrimination dictated her life. To this day, her region of India requires women to cover their heads, stay behind men, and remain in the house unless it’s truly necessary to leave.

How is this still a thing in today’s day and age?

Isn’t that so hard to fathom?

Thankfully, there’s hope in Udbala’s story. She was out getting water from a pump one day (an activity that allowed her to leave the house) when she met an Adult Literacy teacher who invited her to join the local class. Udbala was filled with joy just imagining the possibility, but she had to ask her husband’s permission to enroll.

Did he let her join??

He did! And although she was timid and anxious about stepping inside the class at first, she did it. Over the course of a year, Udbala fulfilled her life-long dream of learning how to read.

Udbala also participated in a special training on health and hygiene, where she learned the importance of washing her hands and eating nutritious food. She’d missed out on learning so many basics!

The Adult Literacy Class changed Udbala’s life. Uplifted by the encouraging lessons, she’s bold, confident, and literate. Despite the confines of her culture, she’s thriving!

How can I show Jesus’ love to women like Udbala?

There are still 176 million women in India who have been deprived of basic rights and could be living “life to the full” (John 10:10)! Take a look below to see how you can come alongside them.


  • Pray for Udbala’s salvation. She learned about Jesus in the Adult Literacy Class through the Bible-based curriculum, but she has yet to receive Him as her Savior.
  • Pray for the 176 million women in India who remain illiterate. Pray that God opens doors for them to be educated!
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