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A Young Girl Meets the Prince of Peace

Madhukari and her family had very little joy or peace in their lives. Her father earned a tiny income working as a laborer. To make matters worse, he spent most of his earnings feeding his alcohol addiction. The family was forced to take out loans just so they could have food to eat and a roof over their heads.

Given the high level of stress this put on everyone, Madhukari’s parents fought often, and Madhukari was truly afraid of her father. In fact, she was so distressed by her unstable family life that she began doing poorly in school.

Madhukari and her mother turned to religion to cope with their pain. Every day, they performed religious rituals, and they often visited the temples of their deities. They followed many superstitions, both to avoid angering their gods and in hopes of earning their favor. They even visited a local witch doctor when they needed wisdom or healing. Yet their family had no peace and things seemed to keep getting worse.

Finally, something positive came into their lives when they met a young woman from their village named Nahiza. She invited Madhukari to join a Children’s Bible Club she was starting, and Madhukari’s parents were happy to enroll her. They hoped Madhukari would be able to refocus on her schooling and have fun with new friends. Madhukari began attending every day after school, and thanks to Nahiza’s help, she quickly improved her grades.

Madhukari loved the games, activities, and fun action songs that she learned alongside her friends at the Bible Club. Through the Bible-based lessons, she learned about Jesus. She began praying to Him and even shared Bible stories with her peers. Madhukari also enjoyed drawing at the Bible Club—as you can see in the beautiful picture she colored, portraying the birth of Christ!

As Madhukari learned more about Jesus’ power through all of these activities, she was inspired to pray that He would bring peace to her home.

Slowly, some things began to change. So far, Madhukari has noticed that her parents argue less now! Her father is still addicted to alcohol though, and financial problems still plague them. Truly, this family needs the peace that only comes through a life surrendered to Christ. Pray with us that Madhukari and her family would recognize Jesus as the only true God, reject idol worship, and receive salvation. May God surround Madhukari’s family with believers who point them to Christ.