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Sesha Goes “All In” with Jesus

Sesha grew up poor, with one sister and one brother who she spent most of her time with. Her father worked as a garbage collector and her mother managed the home. Sesha’s family worshipped many gods and goddesses, as was the common practice in their village. They followed the rituals and traditions of their culture which included black magic and witchcraft. Sesha regularly visited the temples, offered prayers, and distributed food in the name of her gods.

While Sesha’s parents taught her all about following their religion, she was never taught proper behavior, good morals, or how to be a good friend. She would often quarrel with her friends over petty things and was known for her foul language. The people she hung out with were very mischievous and didn’t always realize what they were doing was wrong. Sesha rebelled against her parents and teachers and attended school only when she felt like it.

One day, Sesha heard about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club starting in her community. She noticed there were many children attending and engaging in fun activities, so she decided to join. The Bible Club leader saw Sesha’s interest and encouraged her to participate with the other students. Soon, Sesha was a regular attendee, and with the Bible Club leader’s guidance, she improved her attitude, behavior, and grades in school!

Along with explaining good study skills, the Bible Club leader taught Sesha how to pray and encouraged her to read the Bible. Sesha also learned about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As she continued to attend the Bible Club, Sesha heard many Bible stories, learned Christ-centered action songs, and memorized Scripture. This all caused Sesha to reflect on her life and she began to feel guilty about the way she had treated others.

Sesha learned God would forgive her sins, and so she confessed them and asked for forgiveness. Afterward, Sesha shared, “When I prayed to God and invited Him into my heart, that day I experienced real joy and peace!” She was so grateful for God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercy. Sesha no longer worships other gods and has been praying for the salvation of her family.

Please pray for Sesha to continue to grow in her faith as she is a witness in her community. Pray that her family and friends will also know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.