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A Marriage Restored

Goral and his wife, Muniza, conducted their lives according to their own desires. Following their own path, however, would lead to the destruction of their marriage.

When Goral learned that Muniza had been unfaithful to him, he decided to abandon the roles of husband and father. Instead of spending the money he earned as a daily wage laborer to feed his wife and two children, Goral opted to buy alcohol. He hoped drunkenness could numb the pain of his wayward life. In this dark state of mind, Goral decided to divorce Muniza, though she had long sought forgiveness for her sin.

As word of Goral and Muniza’s marital strife spread, local Church Planter, Elango, was compelled to minister to the family. Goral welcomed Elango and allowed the man of God to pray over him. As Elango shared about God’s love, Goral was stirred to reflect on the love he bore his own family. With newfound strength, Goral decided not to give up on his family. Not yet.

Through much trial and discipline, Goral gave up his drinking habit and devoted himself to earning a living for his family. As Goral improved his own habits, he came to forgive his wife for her own shortcomings.

Goral worked to restore the peace within his family, but he could not help but notice the unrest he still felt in his heart. All this time, Elango had been ministering to Goral. Perhaps if he decided to put his hope in Christ, like Elango had, he too might experience true peace.

Through continued lessons and prayer administered by Elango, Goral, and Muniza confessed their sins and received salvation through Jesus Christ. Now, with a life built upon Gospel truth, their marriage is flourishing. Their lives are filled with true peace. Please join us in praying for Goral and Muniza as they navigate marriage in their new faith. Pray their example of change will be a witness to their community.