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An Addicted Father and a Lockdown

Over the course of her childhood, Jothika grew accustomed to blending in with the crowd as much as she could. Life was easier this way, and she didn’t have much of a choice, anyway. Her idol-worshipping family stuck to traditions where gender discrimination was the norm, with girls being viewed as less valuable than boys.

On top of these cultural issues, Jothika’s father had a terrible temper and drank alcohol heavily. While drunk, he often became frustrated with the family, and since Jothika was the oldest child, she was typically his first target. Needless to say, Jothika’s life was pure chaos.

At school, Jothika struggled to focus on her studies and had little capacity to learn, given the distractions at home. Her innocent coping mechanisms were to simply help her mom with household chores or play with her younger siblings.

Life got more complicated when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. With schools closed, Jothika was home all of the time, and she couldn’t take her father’s harsh words anymore. In response, Jothika became stubborn and disobedient.

But then, when the COVID-19 restrictions eased up, Jothika was invited to a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club! Through your support, she was able to join and find a source of encouragement. She quickly made new friends, and suddenly, she was much happier and more confident!

Jothika enjoyed all kinds of activities in the Bible Club, from singing action songs to listening to stories about Jesus. She didn’t know much about Jesus before, but she excitedly soaked in everything she heard. Before long, she had a few Scripture passages memorized!

By the end of the 10-Day Bible Club, Jothika began to trust that God could change her father and that He could change her own stubbornness, too. She ultimately repented of her sins and received Christ as her Savior! Jothika, whose name means “light,” found the true Light of the World.

Jothika shared the joy of her salvation with her mom, and the Word of God took root in her heart, too. She decided to speak with Jothika’s Bible Club leader to learn more about the Gospel, and she ultimately received Christ, too!

Jothika and her mom live totally new lives today. They desire to take steps forward in their faith, but they’re afraid of Jothika’s father’s response. Will you join them in prayer for him to give up his addiction and surrender his life to Christ?