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Bhajuna Learns of God’s Goodness

Bhajuna grew up in a poor family that couldn’t afford to give her an education. Because she didn’t go to school, Bhajuna worked from the time she was a child and knew nothing but hard work for little pay.

Eventually Bhajuna grew up and got married. It was a good and healthy marriage, but Bhajuna and her husband had struggles of their own. Despite many years of marriage, they were unable to have children. Even after going to doctors and priests, Bhajuna could not conceive. Now, not only were they without a child, but they had also spent almost all of their money on remedies that didn’t work. Neighbors gossiped and ridiculed her for being barren, which led Bhajuna into a deep depression. She felt hopeless.

But one day, a Church Planter came by Bhajuna’s home and invited her grandmother to a worshipping group. Bhajuna’s grandmother saw the kindness of the other women in the worshipping group and started asking them questions about Jesus. Bhajuna’s grandmother received salvation through Jesus and excitedly told Bhajuna about all she experienced.

Bhajuna decided to visit the worshipping group with her grandmother, hoping she would find real community there. When she arrived, Bhajuna was astonished by the loving community she encountered. She heard the Gospel, and she too received Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

A few months later, Bhajuna found out she was pregnant! When her husband heard this news, he was beside himself with joy. Bhajuna then gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and her husband wept at the goodness of God.

Bhajuna’s neighbors no longer ridicule her for being barren, but they are angry about her family’s decision to follow Christ. Even though they face resistance, Bhajuna and her family continue to tell their testimony about what God has done for them. Will you pray for Bhajuna to remain steadfast in their face despite resistance from their neighbors?