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Kuvira Goes from Abandoned to Belonging

Kuvira grew up in a community that worshipped several gods. Her father owned his own clothing shop while her mother took care of the home. Kuvira, the eldest of two daughters, graduated and works in a private company.

Kuvira’s life was one of constant sadness, worry, and depression. Growing up, her parents always argued about her father’s unfaithfulness and desire for other women. When Kuvira was just 10 years old, her father left to live with another woman. Eventually, her parents divorced.

As Kuvira’s mother was still young, her parents encouraged her to remarry since she only had daughters and no son. They worried she would not be cared for, and if she married again, she would receive social security benefits.

With the family broken and helpless, Kuvira’s mother was forced to work in the mall for their survival. This left no time for her to spend with her daughters. Kuvira felt alone and became very depressed.

Following her parents’ advice, Kuvira’s mother remarried, and things were better for a little while until the new husband—an alcoholic—also started committing adultery with other women. This marriage ended tragically, too.

One day, while Kuvira was riding in a taxi, she met Church Planter Priyal. They discovered they both grew up in the same area, and a new friendship blossomed. Kuvira told Priyal about her life and how her father and stepfather had both abandoned them. As the two continued to meet, Priyal began telling Kuvira about Jesus and sharing the Good News of the Gospel. At first, Kuvira was surprised that Priyal believed in what she viewed as a foreign god, but she valued their friendship, so she listened.

At a time when Kuvira felt particularly depressed and anxious, Priyal invited Kuvira to join her small group. Not wanting to be alone, Kuvira agreed to go. While there, Kuvira participated in singing songs of praise and listened when the pastor taught how God knew us by name before we were ever born and how He saw us in our mother’s womb.

Kuvira left feeling positive – like she had been surrounded by “family.” Kuvira continued to attend the small group and grew to appreciate the worship there as she felt her burdens getting lighter. After about two months, Kuvira asked Priyal for a Bible. She prayed that God would help her understand what she read.

One day, as Kuvira read about life with Christ, she decided she wanted to experience new life in Him. She called Priyal and Priyal helped Kuvira understand how Jesus gives us new life. Kuvira received Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

Kuvira now preaches the Gospel in her community as she and Priyal work together to reach the hopeless and needy in their area, sharing the love of Jesus wherever they can. Please pray for Kuvira as she continues to grow spiritually and that her mother and sister would come to know Jesus, too.