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Madhu’s Story: Motivated by a Miracle

Years ago, Madhu and his wife, Nadimah, were losing hope and running out of time. Madhu had been sick for months, and he was only getting worse. Things had gotten so bad that Madhu could not talk, walk, or eat on his own. They tried everything they could think of to heal his illness, from performing rituals to seeking medicines to offering animal sacrifices.

During those dark days, Nadimah had a chance meeting with a Christian man named Gokiran. She told him about Madhu’s condition, and he visited their home to pray for Madhu. Calling on Jesus, Gokiran prayed for Madhu to be healed—and he was! Madhu experienced a true miracle, and he and his family were amazed. They wanted to know more about Jesus, and after Gokiran shared the Gospel with them, the whole family received salvation!

Madhu and his family began attending Gokiran’s church together, learning as much about Jesus as they could. But it bothered Madhu that, because he was illiterate, he could not learn from Scripture on his own. He longed to read the Bible personally, to be able to experience the Word of God deeply for himself. Years passed as Madhu’s desire to learn continued to grow.

And then came the day when Gokiran mentioned that he was helping launch an Adult Literacy Class in Madhu’s village. Of course, Madhu was the first to sign up! Although many people criticized him for trying to learn at the age of 58, Madhu paid no attention. He attended the classes faithfully, working hard for months until he could read, write, and do basic math. Madhu rejoiced that he could finally read his Bible, and he continually practiced his literacy skills through daily Bible reading.

But the benefits didn’t stop with Bible reading. Madhu completed many special trainings offered through the Literacy Class that led to practical changes in his family. Madhu learned about the importance of managing financial resources well and began a consistent savings habit for the first time in his life. Then, thanks to knowledge gained in a health education training, Madhu shifted his family’s diet to include more nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.

After graduating from the Literacy Class, Madhu is more motivated than ever to grow in his faith and to share the Good News with others. He rejoices in God’s many blessings, from miraculous healing to the simple ability to sign his own name. Join us in praying that Madhu’s joyful testimony will change the lives of many others!