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Upada’s Life Improves Through Education

Upada is one of five children who all grew up without attending school. Her father never had the opportunity to pursue an education, so he didn’t view it as important for his children either. The family faced many hardships over the years because the financial situation was always unstable.

Upada began working as a housekeeper when she turned fourteen. She was never able to read newspapers, signs, or warning signals. They all meant nothing to her as she couldn’t understand what they were communicating.

At eighteen, Upada married Utsang, who was also illiterate. They lived in poverty, not able to manage their finances well and struggled to put enough food on the table each day for their six children.

Not knowing how to count money, Upada and Utsang had to trust the shopkeepers to give them the right amount of change. They took whatever money was given to them and always wondered whether or not they were being cheated.

Adding to their troubles, Utsang was an alcoholic, which initiated many fights in their home. The two spent their days filled with tension and worry and had no peace.

One day, as Upada passed by the neighbor’s house, she saw a group of men and women learning. It was an Adult Literacy Class where she could see words and letters of the alphabet on a chalkboard. Upada couldn’t stop laughing as she thought it looked odd for adults to learn like children. To her, it seemed like a waste of time as she did not know the value of an education.

A few days later, Upada again walked by the Literacy Class, but her mindset started to change. She had assumed that women belonged in the home, caring for the household duties and babies. But when she listened to the teacher, she noticed the women were encouraged to learn so they could have brighter futures through education.

Upada approached the teacher and asked if there was any use in her learning at her age. The Literacy Class teacher encouraged Upada and gave her many useful insights which helped her understand the value of an education. This prompted Upada to join the class.

After attending the Adult Literacy Class, Upada’s mind totally changed as she learned to read and write. She became a quick learner and caught up with the other students in just a few months. Upada has a great memory and could focus on her studies which made her successful. The teacher was so happy to see Upada’s enthusiasm that she made her the class assistant!

Upada continues to work as a maid in the mornings but is sure to arrive on time for the Literacy Class. She looks forward to getting a better job in the future and is excited about graduation day. Please pray that Upada will one day receive Jesus as her Savior as she has heard the Gospel and is receptive to it. Pray also that Utsang will stop drinking and that God will change his life, too.