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Samata Shows You’re Never Too Old to Learn!

As she grew up, Samata’s family faithfully followed the religious practices of their culture, worshipping many gods. Since they lived in deep poverty, Samata’s parents were unable to send her to school so she spent her days doing housework, working on the farm, and caring for cattle to help her parents. She also worked as a daily laborer to bring in any extra money that she could.

Eventually, Samata married a farmworker, and the couple had three children. Being illiterate herself, Samata was happy to enroll her children in school so that they could have a better life. And her son is currently studying in college! Samata’s two daughters are now married and caring for their own families.

Ever since her childhood, Samata longed for the chance to go to school. This was one of the biggest regrets of her life as she daily experienced the impact of not being educated. In addition to not being able to read or write, Samata was never taught personal hygiene and how cleanliness contributes towards a healthy life – all the basic things we take for granted that improve the quality of our lives.

Fortunately, one day she met the teacher of an Adult Literacy Class starting in her village. Even though Samata was in her late 50s, she had a passion for learning and decided to join the class. The teacher welcomed Samata, and gradually, she learned to read and write, as well as how to keep her home clean and care for her body.

In the Adult Literacy Class, Samata learned about Jesus and how He is the one true God. Her life has changed in so many ways, and she feels liberated from the weight of illiteracy. Samata’s life is now filled with joy and hope.

Currently, Samata is still wrestling with her beliefs and has not yet received Jesus as her Savior. While she is interested in prayer and knowing more about Jesus, she is afraid to leave her beliefs and the gods she grew up with. Please pray for Samata and her family that God will open their hearts and minds so that they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.