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A Resourceful Mother Changes Course

Senada was well acquainted with struggle. Due to her family’s poverty, she was only able to study until second grade. Can you imagine being told as an eight-year-old that your education was over?

By the time she was an adult, Senada could only work unskilled jobs. Her work as a maid did not pay well, and after she paid her family’s monthly rent, there was little left over for food or other necessities.

Rampal, Senada’s husband, worked as a driver, but each night he spent almost all his earnings feeding his addiction to alcohol. For years, Senada tried every method she could think of to help Rampal break free from his drinking habit. But even after their son was born, nothing changed. Senada not only provided for the family financially, but she also managed their home with no support from Rampal.

During this time of struggle, a neighbor introduced Senada to a woman named Panya, who was starting an Adult Literacy Class nearby. Panya told her that she would learn how to read, write, and do basic math, and also be able to attend special trainings that would equip her to better care for her family. Senada instantly knew that this was the opportunity she had been hoping for!

When the class began, Senada attended every day and studied diligently at home. As she learned how to read and write, her confidence grew! One day, she began a special entrepreneurship training offered through the class. Senada took in each part of the training with enthusiasm. She learned how to make household-use items like liquid dish soap that she could sell in the local market.

When the training was complete, Senada jumped into action! She borrowed 2,000 rupees from a friend and bought all the raw materials she needed for her new micro-business. She made her dish soap along with other items and took them to market. Initially, it was hard to find willing buyers. But soon, people realized that she was offering quality products, and she began selling out quickly each day!

In very little time, Senada was able to pay back her friend. Even better, she was earning three to four times as much each day compared to her wages as a maid!

Before the Literacy Class, running a business was out of the question for Senada. Now, she has a thriving business and her family’s financial worries are behind them. Rampal even took notice of his wife’s hard work, began contributing to the family finances, and is drinking less often.

Besides the earthly benefits, the Literacy Class has also had an eternal impact on Senada. Thanks to the influence of the Bible-based curriculum and Christians in her class, Senada heard the Gospel and received Christ as her Savior! However, she is not worshipping Christ publicly out of fear of backlash from her family and relatives. Pray that she would be free from fear and willingly share her powerful testimony of God’s provision! Pray also that Rampal would encounter Christ and receive complete freedom from his addiction to alcohol.