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Jalilah Finally Reads the Bible in Her Fifties

Jalilah grew up in a family that followed Jesus. Unfortunately, she never had the opportunity to gain an education as there was no school where they lived. Jalilah’s family was quite large, and her parents struggled to provide for their children. Her father worked as a farmer, and her mother worked to supplement his income wherever she could. This meant Jalilah and her sisters had to manage the home and take care of the household chores.

Jalilah longed to be educated so that she could get a job working for the government. She asked her father to send her to school, but he said he could not afford to. So, Jalilah missed out on many of her childhood dreams.

Jalilah recalls being miserable as a child, begging for food and clothing. She also suffered from anemia as her parents were unable to feed the children sufficiently. However, she knew that even though they lacked material things, her family was spiritually rich.

Jalilah’s father believed in the Lord with all his heart and taught his children about Jesus. With all the struggles they endured, Jalilah is happy that her parents taught her well and were delighted to serve the Lord. She received Jesus as her Savior when she was 12.

Jalilah is now in her mid-fifties, and she and her husband have three married children. She had long given up on her dream of being educated, but she desperately wanted to be able to read the Bible. Finally, God, in His goodness, gave her the opportunity through an Adult Literacy Class!

Jalilah was so excited to join the class that she quickly learned to read and write. She is now reading Scripture, which has been a huge blessing in her life. Please pray for Jalilah’s spiritual growth now that she can read the Bible on her own. We give thanks to God for this gift and the joy Jalilah now has from what she learned in the Adult Literacy Class.