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Subas: Life Change After a Miracle

Subas leads a Children’s Bible Club in his village. His journey to serving Jesus began when his mother was miraculously healed! We are thankful for young men like Subas who are so grateful for what God has done in their lives that they commit their time to serving the children in their villages. Here is Subas’ testimony…

When I was young, my friends and I didn’t know or follow Jesus. We followed the religious customs of our country and went to festivals to dance and eat food offered to idols. We also enjoyed hanging out, going to parties together, and engaging in many bad habits like chewing tobacco and smoking. In fact, I used to steal money from my family to buy tobacco and cigarettes.

The relationships in my family were quite poor. We often argued about my bad habits and so we had no peace in our home. When my mother became very ill, we sought the help of many doctors who tried different medicines, but her health continued to decline, and she became very weak. Our family was so discouraged and felt completely helpless, especially my father.

Our neighbors said we should take her to the witch doctor, which my father did. There we offered many things and were told she would be cured. However, after returning home there was no change, and again, we were discouraged and hopeless. In time, my mother was completely bedridden.

Finally, we took her to a local church that worshipped Jesus. There, they prayed for my mother’s healing. God answered our prayers which is when we realized there is a living God who hears our cries and helps us! After experiencing this miracle, I received Jesus as my Savior. I confessed my sins and gave my life to serving the Lord.

I realized I needed to live a life different from what I did with my friends and left my bad habits and idol worship behind. I began reading my Bible daily and became very involved in a church nearby where I also assisted in Sunday school. I really enjoy living my life for Jesus.

Currently, I am working with youth, leading a Children’s Bible Club where I am sharing the Good News of the Gospel. I am so happy to be ministering to people who need help. I strongly believe God has plans for my life and for me to continue to work in ministry for Him.

Please pray for Subas as he continues to follow God’s leading in his life. We are so thankful for his heart to serve God and share the Good News of the Gospel with others. Pray also for his friends and family members who have not yet surrendered their lives to Jesus. Pray that they will be receptive when Subas speaks with them and shares his love for the one true God.