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Meet a Bible Club Leader You Trained!

What took place in your life between the ages of 4 and 14? Probably a lot! As it turns out, this age range is critical for children in terms of their faith journey. In fact, it’s referred to as the 4-14 window: the age range in which a child is most likely to embrace the Gospel.

Vinod, a Children’s Bible Club leader, was impacted by the Good News of Jesus during those years of his life, and now, he spends his days discipling the next generation of children. We’re excited to share Vinod’s testimony with you!

“I, Vinod, grew up worshipping the gods of my culture. I was disobedient, spent time with the wrong friends, and used foul language. All of that changed when a relative took me to church.

“I was in the 8th grade and attended the teen ministry at church. While I was there, I experienced God’s love, and the church leader encouraged me — leading me to change my behavior. It was there that I received Jesus as my Savior!

“Now, I am committed to following Jesus all my days. My life is filled with quiet prayer and blessing others. I currently serve in Bihar, India, doing ministry among youth and teens. I want to make disciples for Christ of children and teens and focus on sharing the Gospel with unreached villages.”

Your generosity equipped Vinod to lead a Children’s Bible Club, launching him into a lifetime of ministry. You can continue to train believers, just like Vinod, through our matching challenge! Thanks to your gifts and prayers, more Christians like him will reach double the boys and girls with the Gospel through 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs.